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  • Evertype: Alice in Wonderland -- in Scots!

    Evertype would like to announce the publication of Sandy Fleming's new translation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland into the Scots language, Ailice's Àventurs in Wunnerland. The book uses John [URL="http://lamvisaduc.com"]làm visa đức[/URL="http://lamvisaduc.com"] Tenniel's classic illustrations. A page with links to Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk is available at [URL="http://www.evertype.com/books/alice-sco.html"]http://www.evertype.com/books/alice-sco.html[/URL="http://www.evertype.com/books/alice-sco.html"] . Bookstores can order copies at a discount from the publisher.


    Michael Everson
    Evertype, [URL="http://alice-in-wonderland-books.com"]alice-in-wonderland-books.com[/URL="http://alice-in-wonderland-books.com"]
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    Very cool! Thank you for sharing this with us.


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      I noticed on your website you have things in Irish and Cornish. Any chance of book translations into the Scottish dialect of Gaelic?


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        Yes, indeed there is! Currently Evertype publishes [URL="http://lamvisaduc.com"]làm visa đức[/URL="http://lamvisaduc.com"] in Irish, [URL="http://evertype.com/books/alice-kw.html"]Alys in Pow an Anethow[/URL="http://evertype.com/books/alice-kw.html"] in Cornish, [URL="http://evertype.com/books/alice-gv.html"]Contoyrtyssyn Ealish yn Çheer na Yindyssyn[/URL="http://evertype.com/books/alice-gv.html"] in Manx, and [URL="http://evertype.com/books/alice-cy.html"]Anturiaethau Alys yng Ngwad Hud[/URL="http://evertype.com/books/alice-cy.html"] in Welsh. Even as we speak someone is working on a Scottish Gaelic version (title not yet finalized). But more… there are also people working to translate Alice into Ulster Scots, and into Doric Scots! The last is more "dialectal" than Sandy's translation that is the subject of this thread.
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          The Gairy-worm an Ailice keekit at ane anither for a while in seelence: at last the Gairy-worm teuk the hookah oot its mooth, an spak tae her in a languid, sleepy vyce.

          “Wha’s you?” says the Gairy-worm.

          This wisna an encouragin openin for a conversation. Ailice replied, gey blate, “I—I haurly ken, Sir, juist at praisent—at laest I ken wha I wis whan I got up this mornin, but I think I maun hae been chainged several times fae syne.”

          “What div ye mean bi that?” says the Gairy-worm dour-like, “Explain yersel!”

          “I canna explain mysel, I doot, Sir,” says Ailice, “because I’m no mysel, ye see.”

          “I dinna see,” this wis the Gairy-worm.

          “For a peety I canna pit it ony clearer,” Ailice replied, vera polite, “for I canna unnerstaun it mysel tae start wi; an bein that many different sizes in a day is gey ficklin.”


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            Hi there,

            I read there will be an Ulster Scots version too 'Alice's Carrants in Wunnerlan' pit intae Ulstèr Scotch bae Anne Morrison-Smyth. When will that be available to purchase?



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              I can't say. The book's been translated, but we are working out some orthography issues. This year or early next is the best I can say at present.


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                The typeset Ulster Scots text is being proofed now.



                vay tin dung>

                vay tín dụng>