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  • Wearing a kilt in the summer heat

    As we are in the middle of summer, I find that wearing trousers really does not work well, and I really can not see myself wearing shorts. To me the kilt makes so much more sense. Yesterday we had a BBQ with friends and family I was told by my old piping teacher that I was over dressed. I informed him that I just do not own shorts. I wore my Carolina kilt with a green golf shirt and my red bowmore hose. I did not get any photos though. Today I wore almost the same outfit but with my yellow bowmore hose and a tattersall shirt with my dad's old sporran. I've also found that forgoing a belt is much more comfortable in the summer heat. Here it is:


    So what do you do when wearing the kilt in the summer to keep a traditional look?

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    Summer Heat ????? As yet We here in the Seattle area haven't seen it yet. LOL LOL Today was 65, but tomorrow we may hit the high 70s. So far my attire is my wool tanks, wool hose & jacket/sweater etc.,
    Here when it gets in the mid - high 80s +, we FREAK, If it hits the 90s +, we DIE LOL ( yes we do get the higher temps, usually end of July, Aug.( then you can not buy a fan, cooler etc.)
    My 8os +++ kilts are my lighter wt. synthetics & lighter wt hose. For eve wear it is my 5yd "Black Douglas."



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      i just wear baggier flares id love a wee heatwave to hit scotland about now rather than the rain that's turning streets into rivers ya should see the images and vids on the news at areas like perth and edinburgh 24hrs of rain in some places .....the closest i got to summer was my vacation in Florida this year again i just wore flares while walking about and shorts when swimming, my gutties soles actually melted on the pavements over there it was soo hot :O
      us pale blue folk just aren't cut out for the high temps


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        Summer heat? seldom in the UK but if and when we do ... I wear a (13oz) kilt with rolled down hose, polo shirt, T shirt, or open necked shirt. Or informally no shirt at all! Now all I need is some summer sun, PLEASE !!!


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          Originally posted by McMurdo View Post
          So what do you do when wearing the kilt in the summer to keep a traditional look?
          When the temperatures head into the 90+ region 7+ yards of wool is not your friend. I have two USA Kilts semi traditional models made of lighter weight Poly Viscose that are a perfect choice for Summer weather.

          As to how to wear them...

          McMurdo I presume?


          A good khaki safari/camp shirt looks great with a kilt and has vents to be comfortable in hot weather. The pith helmet is honestly a a pretty good choice for shielding yourself from the blazing sun (plus you can soak it in water which really makes a difference when the temperature is hovering around 100 degrees). However if such a hat is too theatrical for you it can easily be replaced with a slouch hat or panama



          And if things get too hot then ditch those wool hose!


          (OK, this might not be traditional, but it is sure practical in Summertime in California)




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            Some of you may have a lot more experience and time wearing the kilt than myself (roughly 2 years). While I endorse the idea of PV, and have a couple myself I have also had the occasion to wear wool (box pleat, 13 oz) in very warm weather for a formal (and sad as it was a funeral) event. Having had to dress in pants for formal events in the heat I can say a kilt is preferable, there is more air circulation and your legs are not, for lack of a better term, encased.


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              For me,
              when the temps reach 100+ and 50%+ humidity, as they are currently here,
              tradition takes second place to healthy comfort.
              By that, I mean: I see no sense in encasing myself in traditional accoutrements, if it may have an adverse effect upon my health. Severe weather calls for severe measures (and hot & humid conditions do, indeed, constitute severe weather). With that in mind, I dress accordingly, to maintain healthy comfort, within reasonably established common social norms.
              Glen makes a good point of no belt - constrictive clothing is a no-no in H & H weather... adapt as necessary.
              IMHO, (in the traditional sense) we are mimicking the attire of Scots of another time; I'm sure they would approve of adaptation, to the prevailing conditions.


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                My hot weather version


                Tropic Weight Kangol beret
                Polo Shirt
                4 yd Box pleat pv Caledonia tartan - Gabe @ Skye Highland Outfitters
                Compression stocking with fabricated cuff
                Flashes to match shirt
                Stillwater - "Night Stalker" sporran
                R-Kilts braided sporran strap
                Slip-on casual shoes

                Cooler than shorts, regardless of what one is wearing beneath!


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                  When it is hot (77F+), like it has been recently, I prefer PV kilts over wool kilts. Especially one of my very first kilts, an about 4 yard inexpensive Holyrood in a rather thin PV fabric I will use quite often.
                  Sometimes I wear it together with heavy kilt hose:

                  But often I will wear some thinner socks, pulled up or scrunched down. The Caledonia is a PV too:

                  Or I will wear just normal men’s socks:

                  Then it is a question, of course, if you can still talk about traditional kilt wear.

                  Also, the Holyrood kilt showed here is to the short side, I know. 21”, most of my kilts being 1½-2” longer, including a 22” and a 22½” Holyrood.

                  Too short? Nevertheless it feels extremely comfortable when the kilt doesn’t hit the knees on a hot day. Do any of you ever wear somewhat shorter kilts?

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                    Not sure what raincoat or umbrella to use this summer but if we do get some good weather it will be short sleave shirts and kilts.http://i1204.photobucket.com/albums/...ts/refined.gif



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                      Greg some interesting ideas, as for me no I do not wear kilts that are short, however today in the 100 degree heat I did hike it up a wee bit to get the kilt off the back of my knees. I've also never thought to wear normal socks with a kilt and as for going barefoot, I'd not go barefoot even if I were to walk on the surface of the sun.


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                        Here is an outfit I wore last summer on a drive out in the country.


                        I'm wearing my 8 yard 16 oz Royal Stewart with a golf shirt, my freelander sporran, and House of Cheviot hose. While this is hardly traditional it does work well for Highland Games in the summer or for a casual look.
                        Last edited by McMurdo; 07-26-2011, 09:01 AM.


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                          Kilt night

                          Son Ryan along with our better halves went out for a bit of supper and a pint or two. A picture after we arrived at Dad's place for a night cap.



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                            Bill: You left out any mention of your dog, he completes the picture. :-) My dogs love posing for kilted pictures.
                            Here were are in the heat of southern California with a banner from Wales making a global journey to support hospice.


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                              Great photos from both of you. Bill you and your son look ready to take on the town good for you. Seanachie love the photo with the twa dogs great stuff. I'll have to dig up the photo of me and our old husky.



                              vay tin dung>

                              vay tín dụng>